A Lean Father’s Day Gift – A Cost Effective DIY

Let’s Do Something Nice for Dad

As everyone knows, Father’s Day is this Sunday. If you are anything like me, you have no clue what to get for your dad, because dads are sort of hard to buy for. But, I was recently working on a lean project for my job and had a good gift idea for Dad that I would like to share.

One of the associates I work with needed me to give him an easy way to transport some gages from his on-sites back to our company, since he usually had to carry them by hand. He found a bin that could clip on the back of his rolling case and asked me if I could do something to it to make the gages secure inside. I bought some Kaizen foam (you can purchase the same here ) and decided to use that as a convenient way to support and transport his gages.

It was actually a very simple project, as all I had to do was cut the foam to fit the inside of the bin. I stacked two layers of foam in the so my colleague could put his gages between the layers so they wouldn’t roll around. And fifteen minutes later, this was the finished project:


Easy-peasy right? The kaizen foam actually fits very securely inside and doesn’t move unless you want it to. It is efficient and works well. But how does this correlate with Father’s Day, you might ask? Well, I ended up having some left over foam. As I was pondering what to do with it, a thought hit me, “I could use it to make something for Dad!”

I thought about what my dad might like. I then realized that my husband and I had a lot of brand-new grilling utensils that we collected and never used, so I decided to make a grilling kit for Dad. If your dad isn’t into grilling, you could take my idea and use it for anything your dad is into, whether it be golf, fishing, hunting, or anything else. For example, if your dad is big into guns, you could get him a nice gun cleaning kit and make a beautiful, homemade gift out of it. If your dad enjoys golf, maybe you could purchase a pack of nice golf balls, a pair of gloves, and some tees and make a customized gift for Dad.

To start out my project, I needed just a few ingredients:

  • Kaizen foam
  • A Kaizen knife, (the one I love I found here ) or a box cutting knife
  • A nice case or box
  • A pen
  • Everything you bought for Dad

I already had the foam, my Kaizen knife, and the utensils, so all I needed was a container to hold my gifts. I found this crate in our garage. It was storing a bunch of old motorcycle helmets and spark plugs. I cleaned it out thoroughly before I brought it into my house, because spiders were crawling all over it. (This picture is before I cleaned it.)


If you want to take this a step further, you could maybe stain or paint your container it and customize it specifically for your dad. You could put your dad’s name on it and even put some rope handles on it to make it easier to carry. If you are getting your dad a smaller present, you may not need a large crate, maybe just a cigar box or something similar. They sell beautiful cigar boxes at local smoke shops for cheap. Use your imagination and make this present special.

Next it was time for me to start fitting the foam. (When you do this project, you are going to want at least two layers of foam so your items aren’t sitting against the bottom of the container. This will cause your items to not fit properly or look neat.) Unfortunately, a lot of what i had left was scraps, so I had to make do. I began by cutting a small a mount of length off the first scrap so it fit to one side of the crate. I  also had to cut off the corners of the foam for it to be able to fit against the sides. During these steps, I was careful to measure the foam correctly so I didn’t over cut. If the foam is over cut, it will be gapped and the box won’t look as neat.

The first side was finished and I moved on to the next. Since most of my foam was in scraps, I had to piece together the first layer. Good thing is, the first layer won’t be seen, so it doesn’t matter if it looks very beautiful.


Next, I moved on to the second layer. For this particular project, I only wanted two layers of foam because the utensils are rather thin. Using my largest piece of foam, I cut it to the size of the inside of the box, being careful to measure correctly, and also cut the corners to fit the sides. This is what it looked like:


Now it was time for me to place the cooking utensils in the crate. Once I placed them exactly the way I liked, I used my pen to carefully outline the shapes of the utensils.

After removing the utensils, I was able to distinctly see where the outlines were made. I started cutting out the shapes, after removing the foam from the crate, because I didn’t want to cut through the foam into the first layer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once everything was cut out, I put the foam back into the container and set my utensils inside the cut-out holes. They fit beautifully, except for the large fork, which unfortunately had sunk down too far into the foam to be able to easily pull out. To combat this, I took the piece of foam I had already cut that looked like the fork, and cut that piece of foam in half. Then I set the fork back in to see how it would look. Ta-da, it fit perfectly.

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The last step to before finishing my project was to cut out a small slit for each end of the utensil so the hanger could fit easily.

Later on, I added some Himalayan salt in between the spatula and the tongs to finish off the project. If your dad prefers to rub his steak with seasoning, maybe you could make a special oil rub with spices, but my family enjoys the flavor of the steak with maybe a sprinkling of pink salt. This project took me about forty-five minutes to finish, and I spent almost nothing on it.

Here is the finished design:


I am planning on putting a small cooler filled with ice and drinks and a bag of chips inside. The best thing about it is that all this will easily fit on top of the utensils without them moving around or getting damaged. It’s easy to carry and everything will be neatly stored all in one place. There will also be plenty of room to put some steaks and more food on the inside. Now I have a thoughtful, homemade grilling kit for Dad!


I hope you will also be able to make this idea into something wonderful for your dad. Let me know what you think in the comments. Make sure to have a wonderful Father’s Day this weekend and God bless!

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