A Cost Effective Bathroom Renovation for 150 Dollars

A Completely New Bathroom for 150 Hundred Dollars

Three years ago, I moved into my home- a lovely fixer-upper with plenty of potential. Unfortunately for my husband and I, the people who owned the house before us had pretty much trashed it… as you can see from these beautiful pictures of my master bathroom:

There were several small holes hiding behind the mirror.

Two weeks ago, I finally had enough of our moldy, smelly bathroom and decided to start fixing it up. It irritated me that there was almost no storage in my bathroom and I had nowhere to put my towels. So, I found a gorgeous cabinet from Home Depot for 59 dollars and took it home with me.

When I started to mount it, I found out that my bathroom had 24in studs in the bathroom. I was unable to anchor it to the wall above the toilet unless I wanted it either off-center, or to fall on someone while they are using the toilet.

I had to take my beautiful cabinet back. I was able to get the entire amount back in store credit, which was exactly what I wanted.

On this same trip, I bought several basic supplies I knew I would need:

Once I got all the tools I needed, it was time to start on my bathroom. I began by scraping the old paint off the ceiling with my painter’s tool. I only had to scrape the ceiling near the mirror, above the shower, and around the shower. It was super moldy paint, and for some reason I didn’t think it was necessary to have a mask. I was very wrong.

After nearly suffocating myself, I was about half finished scraping the bathroom ceiling. I took a short recess to recover my lungs.

The next day, I tied a bandana around my mouth and finished the scraping. I sprayed the moldy areas with straight bleach and wiped them as clean as I could get them.

As soon as the bleach was dry, I began spackling. Since I scraped straight down to the drywall, I knew I would have to spackle it if I was going to make the ceiling look completely flat. I sanded the walls and ceilings first to make an even surface. I then spackled all the holes in my wall, and everywhere it needed on the ceiling.



After the spackling dried, I sanded it down with my sanding blocks to create a smooth surface for my paint to adhere to. I cleaned it off with a dry cloth to remove as much of the dust as I could before beginning to paint.

I already had a whole gallon of ceiling paint that I bought and never used about six months ago. I dug it up from my basement and added in some mildewcide. The mildewcide is special additive for paint and is formulated for areas where there’s a possibility of mold forming. You can get some here.

Three coats later, I was done with the ceiling.


I wasn’t too worried about getting white paint on the walls because I needed to paint those as well. I went with the same color that was already on the walls, called “Icicle Blue,” since it didn’t cost me anything because my husband saved the paint from when he first moved into the house. My paint edger came in handy (best five dollars I’ve ever spent) and I was able to finish the task pretty quickly with help from my mom.


Since my wonderful mom had come over to help me paint, I took her to lunch and we decided to go shopping together for the rest of my decorations for my bathroom.

We went back to the Home Depot, and I used up my store credit I got from my cabinet. I ended up buying this great shower head, a shower curtain rod, and some shelving and these pretty brackets for above my toilet. Then we headed across the street to Walmart and I bought a beautiful mirror and some towels I liked.

When we got back home, my mom and I replaced the shower head, and put up the tension rod for the shower curtain. All went well, and I can’t rave enough about how great this shower head is for the price! Only 25 dollars! It even came with some Teflon tape.


At this point, my mom had to leave, so I decided to hang the shelving above the toilet myself. What could go wrong? Well, as it turns out, the screws that came for the brackets didn’t fit the wall anchors I had. I ended up making four large holes in the wall, one which went all the way through the drywall. Don’t ask me how. After my frustration had cooled, I respackled the wall and painted over the holes the next day.

Time to try again. My mom wanted to come back and help, so I waited a couple days to finish the bathroom. In the meantime, I bought some decorations for the shelving and caulked around the shower and mirror.

Finally, with a little assistance from Mom and my husband, we ended up getting the shelving put up the RIGHT way. The shelves ended up being quite a hassle, but the bathroom was finally finished… except I still have to buy a doorknob for the door… But that’s it!



I was able to finish everything in just under 160 dollars, even with doorknob I want to buy and the towels and decorations I bought for the toilet and the shelving.

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