Monday Motivation – Five Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

Oh, the dreaded Monday! I get it. Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself motivated to do housework when you keep a full-time job on top of raising kids and everything else. Cleaning is hard enough as it is, especially when it takes up your entire day or afternoon off. Well, here’s five tools I use to keep myself motivated when I just don’t feel like it:

1. Light a Candle

Light a candle? I know, I know, it sounds weird. But trust me… it works. For some reason, when I have to clean the house, I get more accomplished when I smell something good in the air. In fact, it is known that certain smells trigger our brains into waking up, remaining focused, or falling asleep. There have been times that I have had family over to my house and it wasn’t the cleanest. But because the house smelled good, no one noticed the mess. And you KNOW family will tell you when there’s a mess. That should tell you about the power of smell.

Long story short, light your favorite-smelling candle. For those of you who don’t like candles, wax melts or essential oils are also phenomenal for giving you a motivating boost.

2. Start the Laundry First

For some reason, starting the laundry before anything else is very motivating to me. There is something so nice about hearing the wash machine clean everything by itself. It’s almost like it’s giving me a jump start into cleaning. Anytime I know I have a few hours of cleaning, I always start with the laundry.

3. Make Your Bed Early on

The other thing I do after the laundry is to start with my bed (unless of course the sheets are in the wash.) The reason I say this is because the bed really only takes a few moments to do. It is an easy chore, and even if my bedroom is super messy, the bed being made makes everything look a little cleaner. I’m not sure why. But it really helps take the edge off cleaning the bedroom for me.

4. Let the Sun Shine in

There is so much I can talk about the sun and our health. The sun is crucial for our well-being.  In fact, scientists have found that people have higher serotonin levels on beautiful, sunny days than on cloudy days. Serotonin is the chemical our brain produces and is linked to mood – and higher levels of it means our brains are calm, happy, and satisfied. So if the sun is so crucial to our mental health, surely it would help us become more motivated if we flooded our homes with it’s light.

5. Immerse Yourself With Positive Entertainment

When I got off social media several months ago, it was the best thing I could have done for my mental health. Although I have an Instagram page, I only follow things I love now. I stopped reading magazines with constant negative input, but I now read books and magazines about things I care about. And last but not least, I no longer watch depressing shows, but I immerse myself with enjoyable entertainment that helps me stay positive. Since doing this, I have noticed a huge spike in motivation! I know I am very heavily influenced by the things I am watching and reading. Because of this, surrounding myself with positive thinking has really had a phenomenal effect on me. Honestly, if it can help my well-being, I’m sure it can help you with yours too! Trust me, I’ve learned from experience that you will become more and more motivated when you focus on entertainment that makes you feel light-hearted!


Do you have any more input? What kind of things do you do to stay motivated? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My main motivation is to picture and to anticipate the feeling of accomplishment of the task when it’s completed. It can be motivating to think of the benefits to myself and my family if the dishes get washed after a meal, or the weekly dusting and polishing is done so if you have drop in company you don’t have to worry about them seeing the clutter or a thick layer of dust coating things. I also actually feel stronger and healthier if I keep moving most of the day due to all the bending, stretching, trips up and down stairs, lifting laundry baskets etc. I love this quote by Mother Teresa “Wash the plate, not because it’s dirty or you’re told to wash it, but because you love the person who will use it next.” Even if that person is yourself, your own dignity calls for you to have a clean and well ordered environment that serves and supports you.

    1. I also wanted to add that I love your motivation suggestions as well. Especially get the laundry going. I think of appliances as my maids. I can go around and give the oven, the dishwasher and the washer/dryer their marching orders so they can work while I do other things.

      1. Yes! Same here! I also love to hear the dishwasher running. It helps me clean.

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