Five Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Even when I was single, giving candy and valentines to my friends was so fun! However, now that I am married, it is exciting to find interesting and frugal ideas to celebrate this adorable holiday in a way that both my husband and I will enjoy. Here’s a few we came up with.

1. Go to a Quiz Show

A lot of restaurants and bars have specified nights for a quiz game. Honestly, they are a ton of fun to go to! They get the whole room interacting and often times give presents or gift cards to the top teams. They are usually free to attend, and you don’t have to order a whole meal in order to sit in. Just an appetizer for the two of you will do just fine! Bonus… If you are lucky, you will win the game and get your appetizer for free. Approximate Cost = $7-$15

2. Go to an Arcade

Depending on where you go, this one can get a little pricey, but honestly, it doesn’t have to. Some arcades have specified days where game play is half off, or at least cheaper. Other arcades have a deal where non-ticket machines are super cheap to play for a couple hours. Although you can’t win any prizes, I have found that non-ticket machines are some of the funnest ones to play with my hubby. In fact, the arcade is one of my most favorite date destinations, and is usually inexpensive if done right. Cooking a meal together beforehand makes the night even more special, and honestly, cheaper as well. Approximate Cost = $20-$40

3. Go to a Drive-In-Movie

This one might be hard for some people, as drive in movies are not as popular as they once were. But if you have one within an hour from where you live, it is so worth the drive! Drive-in-movies are relatively cheap to attend, and they can be a super fun and romantic date for you and your spouse. However, if anyone is celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids, this can be an exciting idea for them as well. Pack the picnic dinner, a cozy blanket, some lawn chairs, and cuddle up together under the stars at the movies (weather permitting). Approximate Cost = $20

4. Go to the Park

This one probably seems generic, but there are some really fun and interesting things to do at a park. My husband and I often enjoy going to the park down the road from our house, buying a couple steaks, and grilling out on the provided park grills. Afterwards, we take a hike or make a campfire in the designated area. My husband does some Pokemon-ing, and we play board games, cards, or my husband brings his guitar and we sing songs. If it is wintery where you live, you can still hike, make snowmen, sled, and make a campfire, and it will still be a fun Valentine’s Day date in spite of the cold weather! Approximate Cost = Free

5. Go Bowling or Skating

If all else fails, the traditional bowling alley or roller skating rink is always a fun date. It’s also extremely cheap, especially if you own your own skates or bowling shoes. If you want, you can make a whole 50’s date out of it. Go roller skating, hit up the ice cream shop, and find a diner with some delicious hamburgers afterwards. Approximate Cost = $10-$40

No matter what you’re planning this Valentine’s Day weekend, always remember that it’s super exciting to just be with the person you love. Make sure to include them in your plans, and see if they have any fun ideas themselves!

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