0309181720-e1530322653604.jpgMy name is Jennifer Kokal, and I love anything that has to do with home improvement and organization. My passions are writing, organizing, and teaching others to improve their lives through lean processes.

Six years ago, I went to school for hairdressing. I acquired my license, became a licensed cosmetology teacher, and got an associate’s degree in business management. Unfortunately at the time, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. Now, six years later, I know it is time for a career change. Although I still do hair on the side, I have now focused my attentions to organization and lean manufacturing. I have never enjoyed anything more.

This blog is all about my organizational struggles and home improvement journey- my mistakes and the things I’ve learned over the years. My home is a fixer-upper, and I am slowly repairing it one project at a time. I hope you will join me through my humorous, enjoyable, and sometimes frustrating learning experiences, and my wish is that I am able to help you with your organizational struggles through my posts! Please contact me for information, suggestions, or any questions you may have!


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